Astronomik UHC Clip-Filter Sony Alpha 7

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Clip-Filter system for Sony Alpha 7/9 Mirrorless cameras

Do you own a Sony Alpha 7 or 9 digital camera for astro-imaging? Then you have surely encountered the following problems:

  • Large filters for large camera lens objectives are very expensive
  • If you are using an Off-Axis Guider stars will be dimmed on your autoguiding camera when a 2" round mounted filter is threaded to a corrector being ahead of the reflecting prism from the light path. 
  • With long exposure times your camera’s sensor chip is exposed to more dust


With the Astronomik Clip-Filter System you can take care of all of these problems at once!

The patented Astronomik Clip-Filter System is black anodized aluminum and laser-cut on state-of-the-art modern machines. It can be inserted within seconds directly into the Sony Alpha camera body. There are no changes necessary and all lens functions (focus, screen, image stabilization) remain functional!


After a long period of prototyping and development we are now able to offer you Clip-Filters for the amazing Sony Alpha bodies. The filters are held in place save and secure with no stress to the high quality glass and only minimal obstruction in the corners.
The Clip-Filter are designed and optimized to be used with normal lenses and with telescopes as well.

Astronomik UHC Clip-Filter Sony Alpha 7/9

You will enjoy using your Astronomik UHC filter because you will see more stars and more details in deep-sky-objects compared to using filters from all other manufacturers.

The Astronomik UHC (Ultra High Contrast) filter allows the transmission of nearly 100% of the radiation from both O-III and the H beta lines. Though the second window for the H-alpha-line is not intended for visual observing, it is important, if the filter is used with an electronic device. All annoying, scattered light from other wavelength sources, including local artificial light pollution, is reliably filtered out. With this strong blocking of the sky background an unexpected wealth of detail becomes visible for gas nebulae and planetary nebulae.

Main use

Astronomik UHC filters’ astounding high light transmission brings better views of deep-sky-objects even to small telescopes! The high transmission of our optical glass filters means that enough light is available to allow successful visual observations with telescopes beginning at 2" (50mm) aperture. Our Astronomik filters are optimized for use with telescope focal length f / ratios of f/4 to f/15. Transmission losses and chromatic distortions, which arise with other filters, only occur with Astronomik filters when extremely bright aperture ratios of 1:2 and more come into play. Another major advantage of our Astronomik UHC filter is the high optical quality of the filter glass. When using Astronomik UHC filters you will quickly notice the same needle-sharp stars which you are familiar with from your astronomical instrument without any filter!


    Important: Full Spectrum modified cameras will need an additional IR-block-filter.



      Watch the following video to see how easy the clip filters can be used: 



      Technical Data

      • typ. 95% transmission at 486nm (H-beta)
      • typ. 95% transmission at 496nm (OIII)
      • typ. 95% transmission at 501nm (OIII)
      • typ. 95% transmission at 656nm (H alpha)
      • optimum position of transmission for telescopes with focal ratios from f/10 to f/3,5
      • Entire Blocking of annoying wavelengths
      • Ideal All-round Deep Sky filter even for small telescopes
      • Not sensitive to humidity or aging
      • Scratch-resistant!
      • Excellent carrier material. The optical performance of your telescope is not reduced by the filter in any way.
      • Parfocal with other Astronomik filters
      • Glass thickness: 1mm
      • Completely resistant against high humidity, scratches and aging effects
      • Diffraction limited, the filter will not reduce the optical performance of your telescope!
      • Astronomik filters are delivered in a high-quality, long lasting, filter box


        • The Clip-Filter are successfully tested with all Sony Alpha 7 bodies (7, 7R, 7S and 7C in Mk I, MkII, Mk III and Mk IV versions) and the Sony Alpha 9 body
        • Alpha 58, 68, 77, 99, 6000 and successors: Not compatible
        • All Sony DSLR Bodies with A-Bayonet: Not compatible

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