1. Expert advice: Given by a real amateur.
  2. Business performance: is measured by customers satisfaction and not by sales volume.
  3. Guidance: To buy a new telescope, mount or camera, the best you can get with your current budget. If you already own a mid-range or high-end telescope, directions about how to exhaust the full potential of your current telescope choosing the right accessories.
  4. Individual attention: Suggestions are focused on your personal desired results or goals with the gear you can afford with your current budget.
  5. Modesty: I am in the hobby and in constant learning process. I learn from my customers and accept all suggestions. Regardless your experience level, I treat all the customers the same way.
  6. Safe shopping: all transactions are secured by data encryption. As any online store powered by Shopify, this one has SSL certificate. Your personal information (address, email, credit card number) is protected.
  7. Free Technical Support: Is offered for any product you purchase from this online store.
  8. High Quality products with great value.
  9. 30 days return policy: Starts from the date you receive your order.
  10. Free shipping: On many products.