Svbony SV192 Dew Heater Strip for Telescopes and Lenses

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  • 5.5X2.1 female interface design,easy connected to various 12V power inputs;
  • Protecting optical equipment such as telescopes from fogging or freezing. Compatible with telescopes or lenses of OD below 152mm or 178mm 
  • Three-speed regulator with medium-weak heating mode. You can adjust the temperature according to different usage requirements. Super-fast continuous heating, quick start heating
  • The width of the 50mm belt will not interfere with focusing, and will not produce vignetting in the field of view
  • Great heat preservation effect: imitating OK cloth, SBR, and Black-T three-layer heat preservation material, reducing heat dissipation, and no wrinkles on the inner surface after bending;
  • Uniform heating: the built-in aluminum film has a uniform heating surface and no dead ends;
  • TPE Silica power cord under low temperature won't become hard, also prevents internal short circuits.


Svbony SV192 dew heater strip protects the lens of your camera or telescope before freezing and fogging. Perfect for taking pictures overnight or morning in somewhere with high humidity.

Made of high quality material, the strip has the characteristics of rapid heat transfer and good heat preservation effect. Besides that, it adopts low temperature cable that can withstand temperature as low as -40°C so the cable is sustainable in cold environment.

California Residents: Please check Proposition 65 Warning Website about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Model SV192
SKU W9151A W9151B
Dew Heater belt size 480×50mm 560×50mm​
Dew Heater strip length (approx.) 640mm 720mm​
Interface Type 5.5×2.1​
Input Voltage 12V
Input current 1.7A±0.1A​
Power 19.2W-21.6W​
Adjustable temperature​ Yes
Strip material​ imitated OK cloth + SBR + Black-T + aluminum film + Cotton​
Power Cord Length 1m
The material of the power cord​ TPE Silica​
Net weight​ 65g/2.28oz​​ 72g / 2.53oz​​


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