Svbony 2" UV-IR Block Filter

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  • The UV-IR-Cut filter uses the very latest coating technology; to deliver the finest filtration qualit-and lifetime durability used to cut off filter blocks undesirable ultraviolet and infrared rays that may interfere with obtaining the high contrast and high quality images possible with a digital sensor
  • True optical quality glass substrate and coatings;to deliver the sharpest images possible;can achieves greater detail;less chromatic aberration;more natural colors and finer color gradation
  • Very low reflection multi-coating; Striate-free; and plane-parallel substrate; It serves as a permanent lens protector;digital imaging with DSLR cameras;CCD cameras;and modified WebCams;or telescope
  • Standard 2inch Filter threads for 2" eyepieces and other accessories, combine with any standard 2” filter threads for 2" eyepieces and other accessories to deliver the sharpest possible images, reducing ghost images caused by IR radiation
  • Comes with a plastic box to keep it safe and clean when not in use


The SVBONY 2" filter is required for all digital imaging with digital cameras; CCD cameras and an improved webcam. The UV-IR-Cut filter uses the latest coating technology to provide the great filter quality and Lifetime use. With a DSLR camera, CCD camera or telescope, it is definitely one of your great choices. 

Filter ultraviolet and infrared

Standard 2-inch filter threads for 2-inch eyepieces and other accessories. Blocks UV and IR band light in mixed light sources, reduces signal effects in the UV and IR bands, and makes image quality more vivid. 

Dustproof plastic box

A plastic case is attached, which can be safely cleaned and prevented from being lost and damaged when placed in a plastic case when not in use. 


True optical quality glass substrates and coatings



Multi-layer coating with no ghosting, very low reflection, no streaks and plane parallel substrates to deliver the sharpest images possible. 


Clear image



Unparalleled 99% average transmission rate, minimizing ghosting caused by infrared radiation, resulting in sharper images



High quality aviation aluminum

The filter frame is made of super aerospace aluminum alloy, ensuring its durable and durable CNC trapezoidal pattern frame, adding friction, beautiful appearance, rich texture and design sense



Type: UV/IR Cut Filter
Size: 2 inch
Interface Threads: M48*0.75
Glass Thickness: 1.85mm

Net Weight: 0.02lb


  • 1×SVBONY 2" UV/IR Cut Filter
  • 1×Sturdy Plastic Case



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