Daystar Solar Scout 60mm-ds H-Alpha Solar Telescope - Mint

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  • Quality Achromat Doublet 60mm refractor used in mint condition
  • Best Priced 40-60mm H-alpha Telescope
  • Helical Front-end Focus with fine precision can focus for visual and imaging.
  • 'Doublestack' performance at no extra cost
  • Top quality Quark* performance
  • Micro-USB power cable and US wall charger
  • 'Solar Bullet' finder
  • Vixen /Photo style mounting foot


* Non-removable H-Alpha filter: Quark component is not interchangeable on SS60ds. Original SS60 telescopes can interchange Quark optical components, but for cost reduction needs, the SS60ds has an all-in-one conjoined construction.


Light from the telescope enters the blocking filter (at left), where wavelengths near H alpha are transmitted while the rest are reflected back out. Red H alpha light then passes through the telecentric barlow lens elements to achieve a slower focal ratio, more parallel light beam. The Etalon passes a very narrow range of light wavelengths, but it is sensitive to temperature and light angle. In the built-in Quark device, the Etalon is heated to approximately 100-150°F to control the wavelength passed, and the telecentric barlow controls the angle of light entering the Etalon.


Daystar Bandpass:

Each Quark is warranted to have a FWHM bandpass (when introduced into a focal plane beam of ~F7-F/9) of 0.25 - 0.5.
Combo Quark filters are warranted to have a FWHM bandpass (when introduced into a focal plane beam of >F/25) of 0.25 - 0.5.
A degree of variation from unit to unit will naturally occur, as different FWHM filters are produced and binned into either Chromosphere or prominence specification categories.
A Quark will never be warranted to perform precisely to the standard of a different Quark or Quantum filter, due to the range of acceptable FWHM bandpass within the stated specification standard. More precise certification and smaller FWHM category ranges greatly increase the production and qualification costs of Quark filters due to degree of optical precision and assoicated cost required.


  • 930mm Effective Focal Length
  • Robust and precision accuracy: Helical Front-Focus can't slip and does not turn the eyepiece.
  • Solar Bullet finder projects safely onto white screen.
  • 16mm eyepiece aperture.
  • Adaptable for 2" or Camera mount / views
  • Always on-band with USB power, 5v 1.5amp
  • 110-240VAC wall adapter (Optional 24mAh battery available)
  • Tuning knob allows wing shifting +/- 0.5Ã…
  • LED indicator for power, warming, ready, fault
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty


What's included

  • Daystar Solar Scout 60mm-ds H-Alpha Solar Telescope - Mint
  • Micro-USB power cable 
  • US wall charger
  • Svbony 1.25 Inch 90 Degree Mirror Diagonal, 99% Reflectivity Dielectric
  • Svbony SV212 Multipurpose Telescope Soft Bag 1680D polyester fabric




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