Svbony Bahtinov Focusing Mask Aluminum Alloy 105-150mm

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  • Quickly and easily help your telescope focus; SVBONY Bahtinov focusing mask is to help you focus quickly; it can help you achieve perfect focus CCD DSLR or webcam in seconds
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy structure; SVBONY Bahtinov focusing mask is made of hard aluminum alloy material instead of cheap plastic; the overall use of anodized aluminum process; which guarantees its durability
  • Thoughtful detailing; SVBONY Bahtinov focusing mask with 3 fixing screws; they have a scratch-resistant silicone sleeve to protect your precious telescope surface from scratches
  • Ultra-thin and no-burden accessories; although the SVBONY Bahtinov focusing mask is made of metal; it is very lightweight and will not become a burden to maintain the balance of the telescope
  • Universal adaptability; with 3 holes; the mask can be easily connected to any telescope by 3 screws; suitable for telescope front diameter 105mm to 150mm


SVBONY Bahtinov focusing mask is compatible with any type of telescope with a diameter of 105mm to 150mm; If you want a tool to help you focus quickly; then SVBONY Bahtinov focusing mask will be a good choice

Universal adaptation

Suitable for telescopes front end diameter 105mm to 150mm, 3 bolts with plastic cover allow the mask to be simply attached to any telescope



With 3 adjustable screws

Masks now feature 3 holes which can be attached with 3 screws to prevent the mask from falling all the way to the ground



Aluminium alloy material thickness: 1 mm

Very thin and light weight so you wont upset the balance on your scope



Strong and durable material

The Bahtinov focusing mask Made of aluminum alloy; not plastic; And it has whole anodizing aluminium process



Steps to focus using SVBONY Bahtinov Focus-Mask:

1. Place the Bahtinov Focus-Mask over the end of your telescope; then locate a bright star near your target; take a 3-5 second picture and view the diffraction spikes

2. Change your focus; take another picture and again; view your diffraction spikes. Is the center spike moving further from center?

3. Then change the direction your focusing and try another picture. Watch the direction the spikes are moving and when the center spike passes the middle of the other two spikes; change direction and fine tune your tuning knobs until the center spike is in the middle; Your now in perfect focus


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Thickness: 1mm

Mask pattern: Bahtinov lines


Bahtinov Focusing Mask

3 adjustment screws 

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