Bresser Spica 130mm EQ2 Telescope

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  • Complete set of telescope, tripod, mount and many accessories for starting immediately
  • Easy to use reflector telescope for beginners
  • Fine adjustment with flexible shafts in 2 axes
  • Enables astrophotos using a smartphone


Set off in search of your own fascinating discoveries at the night sky. This starter set comes with everything you need for your first astronomical observations: reflector telescope with 130 mm aperture and 650 mm focal length, equatorial mount, tripod and comprehensive astronomical accessories. The system is very easy to use and extremely versatile. It is suitable for observing the Moon, and the planets as well as star clusters and gas nebulae. Ideal for your easy start in sky observation!

Astro all-rounder for beginners - the telescope
The astronomical telescope is a classic reflector telescope, a so-called Newtonian reflector. One characteristic of this particular type: They are designed to look in at the front and from the side instead of the rear. Thus, the observation position always remains comfortable, even when the tube is pointed vertically into the sky. Once familiar with it, the telescope is also very easy to use. These reflector telescopes also have one important advantage regarding their optics: they are free of chromatic aberrations and thus offer good imaging properties.

With its 130 mm aperture, this entry-level telescope already collects a lot of light from celestial objects. In addition, 130 mm aperture and 650 mm focal length result in a short focal ratio (ratio of aperture to focal length) of 1 to 5 (F/5). This allows you to marvel at a bright image through this fast telescope. It also allows for high magnifications, making the beginner's telescope a flexible all-rounder for sky observing. Enjoy the full range of astronomical highlights: At low to medium magnification, take in open and globular clusters such as M13 in the constellation Hercules. Or you can admire gas nebulae such as the famous Orion Nebula M42. At high magnifications, on the other hand, observing the planets or details on the Moon becomes an absolute pleasure.

The 130 mm aperture offers a resolution that allows you to admire your favorite celestial objects in sharp images at magnifications of up to about 260x. Technically, even more, is possible - theoretically up to 487.5x with the included accessories. However, the image sharpness can then slowly decrease with increasing magnification. Nevertheless, how much you can really magnify, depends not only on your telescope. The air turbulence in the atmosphere (seeing conditions) is also always an important factor in your astronomical observations.

Please note that reflecting telescopes of the "Newton" type always produce images both laterally reversed and upside down. This does not matter for astronomical observations, which is why these telescopes are very well suited for these purposes. For nature and landscape observations during the day, however, this characteristic is disruptive. Therefore, we recommend the BRESSER refracting telescopes for this application.

User-friendly and stable - mount and tripod
Have you found the perfect place for your observations? Then just attach the telescope to the equatorial mount and the height-adjustable aluminum tripod. The advantage of this type of mount: unlike azimuthal models, the movement of the celestial bodies has to be counterbalanced on just one axis. For this purpose, one axis is aligned parallel to the Earth's axis by pointing it approximately at the polar star. Adjustment and tracking of the telescope are particularly precise and comfortable via the two flexible shafts with fine adjustment. And your accessories stay always within reach on the storage plate attached to the tripod.

Complete the astronomy starter package - the accessories
Unpack and get started straight away - the beginner's telescope comes with lots of accessories. The LED viewfinder enables you to navigate the night sky with ease. This direction finder is installed on the telescope and projects a red dot onto a small ground-glass screen. When you look through it, the red dot appears to be floating at the exact location in the sky to which the telescope is pointed. Thus, the LED viewfinder allows you to easily find celestial objects and accurately align the telescope.

Different perspectives of the night sky: With the two eyepieces included, you are able to view astronomical objects at different magnifications. With the standard 31.7 mm (1.25 inch) diameter sockets, they are simply inserted into the telescope's focuser. Do you want an even more detailed image? Then the 3x Barlow lens can triple the magnification.


Item Number BR-130650EQ3
Optical design Newtonian Reflector
Magnification 33 - 488x
Maximum recommended magnification 260x
Mirror/Lens diam 130 mm
Focal length 650 mm
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 31.7 mm
Mount Type EQ2 German/Equatorial Mount
Includes Kellner 4mm and 20mm Eyepieces, 3x Barlow Lens, LED Viewfinder, Smartphone holder, Aluminum Tripod


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CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)

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