Baader 2" Neodymium (Moon & Skyglow) Filter

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  • The best visual and photographic filter for contrast enhancement for all telescopes, without loss of image brightness!
  • The effect of the element neodymium as filter material is very impressive. When added to optical glass, it enhances contrast, enhances the red colour in the image (especially with Mars and Jupiter) and it darkens the spectral region which is particularly marked by street lamp light, which is the biggest contributor to the nightly "Skyglow".
  • Planoptically polished and MC-coated – with IR-cut coatings!, without any loss of sharpness as a single filter in front of a binocular or be used for afocal projection with digital cameras (far from the focal point!)
  • The IR spectral range is blocked making stars much sharper when used with dSLRs.
  • The Baader Moon & Skyglow Neodymium Filter are two filters in one: Neodymium contrast enhancement filter and UV/IR blocker.

The Baader Planetarium Moon & Skyglow (Neodymium) filter brings an entirely unique approach to planetary contrast enhancement and light pollution reduction. Based on earlier research at Carl Zeiss, Baader has developed a filter that uses Neodymium glass which filters out a few specific wavelengths from streetlights as well as skyglow from the Moon. The unique spectral characteristics of Neodymium also boost color contrasts by isolating the Red, Green, and Blue regions (so-called RGB enhancement). The result is a filter that leaves natural colors mostly intact, but significantly enhanced.

Planetary and Lunar views are improved in all scopes, reflectors, refractors (APO or Achro). Jupiter's Great Red Spot and ruddy hues of the bands are noticeably enhanced, and contrast of Martian surface features boosted. The Background sky is darkened, and subtle details improved. The filter's high efficiency preserves image brightness, and many Galaxies, Nebulae and Globular Star Clusters are improved due to the reduction of skyglow from artificial lighting. For a hands-on review of the Moon & Skyglow Filter, visit the accessories review section at

The high quality of Baader Planetarium filters permits stacking with no image degradation. Achromat owners will find the combination of Moon & Skyglow and the new Fringe Killer filter to be ideal for planetary viewing. The high light throughput and natural coloration will make achromats perform more like an apochromat. An integrated version is also available, the Semi-APO filter.

The Moon & Skyglow is also optimized for imagers, due to its full IR-blocking (See the filter curve on the datasheet included in the link, below).

The filter substrate is a special custom melt of Neodymium doped glass, designed for specific transmission characteristics, and made only for Baader Planetarium. In addition to it's unique spectral characteristics, unlike most filters, the Baader Moon & Skyglow surfaces are optically polished to deliver the best possible image sharpness and contrast.

The images below demonstrate the large contrast improvement on Mars. The image on the left was taken without filtration, while the image on the right was taken through a Moon & Skyglow. The Moon & Skyglow image shows significantly higher contrast and surface features barely visible without the filter. Both images were acquired identically, without any image processing or contrast enhancement, and give a very good idea of the planetary contrast improvement that is seen visually. The Moon & Skyglow never leaves our own telescopes when observing the planets and moon.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Summers. Taken in Nov. 05 with a Meade LXD55 8" SCT and Canon A510 digital camera in video mode
(raw images stacked with Registax, no processing to either image).

California Residents: Please check Proposition 65 Warning Website about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. 

MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2458334A
WEIGHT (KG) 0.062
TRANSMISSION RANGE multiple bands (see spectral image)
AR-COATING Phantom Coating® Group, planeoptically polished
FILTER USAGE CCD, Contrast Enhancement, Color Correction, IR-Cut, Light Pollution Reduction, Lunar, Planetary
SINGLE OR SET? Single Filter

  • Baader 2" Neodymium (Moon & Skyglow) Filter
  • Hard case

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