Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Telescope - ES-ED127075-04

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The Original Classic Explore Scientific ED127 Air-Spaced Triplet, Retooled for the Astrophotographer: 

  • New precision front cell with push-pull adjustments for tilt and centering adjustments to get the best collimation for the tightest stars.
  • New 2-inch two-speed rack and pinion focuser with heavy-duty locks and rotation adjustment, to position and hold your imaging system.
  • New retractable dew shield, for improved portability. 

A proven performer for astrophotographers and critical visual astronomers alike, the Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor utilizes genuine HOYA FCD1 ED glass to deliver stunning details of the night sky’s most notable treasures.

Astrophotographer Chuck Ayoub compares his image of the Pillars of Creation taken with his Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Series, with the Hubble Space Telescope Image (HST).

The Eagle Nebula in the Hubble Palette narrowband filters by Chuck Ayoub with his Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Series Refractor

The Eagle Nebula in the Hubble Palette narrowband filters by Chuck Ayoub with his Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Series Refractor. In the center is the feature called the "Pillars of Creation".

Detail of Chuck Ayoub's Pillars of Creation with his Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet  The Pillars of Creation with the Hubble Space Telescope
 Chuck Ayoub + ED127 Hubble Space Telescope

"The Pillars of Creation (a birthplace for creating new stars) lies deep in the heart of the Eagle Nebula (M16). It was made famous by a photograph captured from the Hubble Space Telescope taken on April 1, 1995. Fast forward to the year 2018, and now it was finally time to try my hand at capturing it with my Explore Scientific ED 127 telescope. My goal was to capture the entire Eagle Nebula so I used a reducer which dropped the focal down from 952 to 761 - so it actually took me farther away from the Pillars, but still close enough to see their detail. I was extremely happy with how the picture turned out and to this day, it's still one of my favorite captures. The Explore Scientific ED 127 has worked out so well for me, that it's the reason I run two rigs. I simply refuse to ever remove it from my mount, so that if I ever want to try new equipment, it has to be on my second rig." - Chuck Ayoub

Chuck Ayoub with his Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Series Rig for Astrophotography


Chuck Ayoub's astrophotography has been honored with three NASA Astronomy Pictures of the Day. In addition to the ED127 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet, he uses the AR102 Air-Spaced Doublet for solar imaging. 

See Chuck's Gallery on Astrobin


With its true apochromatic performance with diffraction-limited optics and ample aperture, this versatile model can showcase deep-sky delights like the edge-on Sombrero Galaxy with its distinct bulging center or the spiraling beauty of the face-on Pinwheel Galaxy as easily as it can reveal the intricacies of the Moon’s winding Hadley Rille.

Featuring an air-spaced triplet optical design that virtually eliminates chromatic aberrations, this telescope generates brilliant high-contrast images by combining genuine FCD1 HOYA extra-low dispersion (ED) glass and proprietary EMD enhanced multi-layer coatings on all optical surfaces.

The cradle rings feature a built-in handle, sculpted for secure handling. The top face of the handle is slotted to allow a 1/4x20 bolt for attaching a DSLR for "piggyback" imaging. The bottom of the cradle ring includes a V-block (Vixen-style) plate for attaching to your equatorial mount. The telescope comes with the Explore Scientific 2N1 Finder Scope Base installed. (Finder scope sold separately.)

Recommended Accessories: Astrozap 5" Dew Heater Strap

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)

  • Item Number ES-ED127075-04
  • Focal Length 952mm
  • Focal Ratio f/7.5
  • Limiting Magnitude 13
  • Resolution .9 arcsec
  • Tube Length w/ Dew Shield 41.75"; 1060mm
  • Tube Length w/out Dew Shield 33.25"; 849mm
  • Diameter 130mm
  • Weight 18lb; 8.16kg
  • Dovetail Vixen

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